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We work with daring, innovative companies who actively seek the benefits of modern software development practices. We are a team of experienced, curious engineers. We don’t give you slide shows and then leave you to work. We join your teams to transition your company to modern practices in DevOps, cloud, test automation, and microservices. We love sharing our expertise; we help you leave legacy processes behind, we provide training to level up your technical skills. We are partners with cutting-edge DevOps and cloud platforms to bring you tried-and-tested solutions to your specific problems.

kloia AWS DevOps Competency

AWS DevOps Competency

Glad to announce that we have successfully achieved AWS Competency status through AWS Technical Validation!

Microsoft Workloads Competency Partner

We just participated as an APN Launch partner for the Application Modernization Solution category!


Our focus is transition from .NET to .NETCore, which brings the benefits like crossplatform, higher performance, scalability, native Docker container support and orchestation on self-managed Kubernetes or on Amazon ECS.


Here is more detailed information about our solution:

Kloia UK is operational!

kloia is now in UK:

We are pleased to focus on UK market as it represents one of the top DevOps and Micro Services Community!

Typical DevOps Symptoms

Low Production deploy frequency

Post-deploy issues

Manual deploy

Bottlenecks/Scaling problems

Increasing infrastructure/headcount costs

High Work-in-Process(WiP)

Human dependant processes

Low motivation in your Dev and Ops teams

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

We have 3 distinct competencies on AWS:

1- DevOps Competency: We do transition to new-era practices including containers, everything-as-code and Microservices

2- Microsoft Workloads Competency: We migrate your .Net workloads to Kubernetes, giving you also the choice to use Linux as an Operating System.

3- Solution Provider: We help you optimize your costs

Enterprise-scale Eventually Consistent CQRS Framework

eventapis is a Java based Event Sourcing framework which can be benefited by the teams who are planning to make CQRS transitions with minimum learning curve and ease of adaptation. It has a unique architecture called Operation Store™ together with the stack elements including Docker, Kafka, Hazelcast and Cassandra.

Digital Transition

Maturity Assessment

Transition Framework

Team Transition

Software and Infrastructure Re-architecting


DevOps Transition

Building your Deployment Pipeline towards Continuous IntegrationContinuous DeliveryContinuous Deployment

Containerization with Docker and Kubernetes

Test Automation Enablement

Performance Automation Enablement

ChatOps and SecOps practices

Measurement enablement






Cost Optimization

Application Modernization


Stateless Refactoring

Caching Implementation

RESTful API Transition

DotNet Core Refactoring

Restructuring the FrontEnd

We partner with

XebiaLabs Application Release Automation

Customers Innovating with us

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London Office

33 Queen St, TTC, London EC4R 1AP, United Kingdom

UK Line: +44 20 3871 3080
TR Line: +902162258382

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