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28 Aug 2018
by onurgurdamar
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Great news everyone!
kloia is now a solution provider at AWS Solution Space!

Our solution to modernize the legacy applications has been accepted for AWS Solution Space platform.

Software development and deployment practices change so frequently which can suddenly turn your software stack into a “legacy”. The consequence of this can be a redevelopment of your software stack “from scratch” which implicitly has opportunity costs and risks. We offer you an alternative way to “modernize” your software stack, keeping your current codebase, applying refactorings and all the latest practices in DevOps.

Our solution provides Application Modernization on AWS using Jenkins, Prometheus,, NewRelic, Slack, OpsGenie and TestGenie.

We provide 3 different approaches for helping companies modernizing their legacy applications.

  • .Net Modernization
  • .Net Core Modernization
  • .NET to .NET Core Transition

All 3 approaches include creating all environment using Terraform, creating the pipeline using Jenkins or CodePipeline including CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery) practices, logging application diagnostics and reporting, behavior monitoring and alert management.

Solution steps are;

  1. Assessing your current framework and creating an appropriate road map
  2. Enhancing and modernizing the platform architecture
  3. Splitting portable parts from non-movable parts and migrating
  4. Enriching support for foundational, cross-platform applications

You can read more about the solution;
.Net Modernization and .Net Core Modernization

Please go and check our page on AWS Solution Space!

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