Ansible Dojo

Duration: 2 days

Course Description

This course will show you how to get started with automation and orchestration using the open-source tool Ansible. The attendees are required to bring their laptops and to have at least basic knowledge with Linux command line. Some labs requires basic understanding of cloud and docker concepts, it is not required but suggested to have AWS Traning and Docker Training .

This is a hands-on workshop where attendees are given targets to achieve and trainers are one-2-one helping them to achieve those targets. There will be less presentation and more hands-on labs!


What the attendee will learn:


Attendees will learn the fundamentals, use-cases and the best practices of Ansible.

  • Understand Ansible basics and concepts

  • Develop plays and playbooks
  • Layout for structured projects

  • Deploy applications

  • Continuous Integration with Ansible

  • Deploy AWS infrastructure

  • Provision Docker hosts


Program Outline:


Day 1:

– Fundamentals and terms

– Environment Setup

– Running Ad-Hoc Commands on Local Machine

– Key Components

– Creating Inventory and Running Ad-Hoc Commands on Inventory

– Using common Ansible modules

– Running playbooks

– Running Playbooks with Roles

– Ansible Best Practices


Day 2:

– Application Deployment

– Ansible for AWS

– Amazon EC2 Inventory Management

– Deploy application to AWS with Build Bakery Model

– Provision Docker Hosts

– Managing Docker Containers with Ansible



Target Audience

Software Developers, DevOps Engineers, Systems Admins, Infrastructure Engineers


Audience Requirements

  • Working laptop with VT-x support
  • VirtualBox and Vagrant is installed
  • Basic Linux command line knowledge.


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