Docker Dojo

Duration: 2 days


Istanbul, Dedeman Bostanci or Workinton Kozyatagi 

For London and Manchester, please query traininguk at

Course Description

This is an introductory course for Docker, aiming to provide hands-on experience. The attendees are required to bring their laptops and to have at least basic knowledge with Linux command line.


This is a hands-on workshop where attendees are given targets to achieve and trainers are one-2-one helping them to achieve those targets. There will be less presentation and more hands-on labs!


What the attendee will learn:


Attendees will learn the basics, use-cases and the architecture of Docker.

  • Understand how to Dockerize their current software projects, create their own image and repository

  • Practice the data persistence with Docker with and without Volumes

  • Continuous Integration and Application Lifecycle/Continuous Delivery model with Docker

  • Create their own build pipeline on Jenkins

  • Orchestration Basics, experiencing with Swarn

  • Latest trends and best practices in containerization domain

  • Able to code Docker Compose, Docker Stack deploy files


Program Outline:


Day 1:

– Docker Introduction

– Installation

– Docker Images/Repository

– Continuous Integration with GitHub

– Dockerfile Directives

– Docker Networking

– Docker Volumes


Day 2:

– Docker Compose

– Docker Swarm and Scalability

– Docker Stack

– Managing Secrets

– Continuous Delivery with Jenkins


Target Audience

Software Developers, DevOps Engineers, Systems Admins, Infrastructure Engineers


Audience Requirements

Working laptop and basic Linux command line knowledge.




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