Kubernetes Dojo

Duration: 2 days


Istanbul, Dedeman Bostanci or Workinton Kozyatagi 

For London and Manchester, please check here 

Course Description

This is a zero-to-hero master class Kubernetes course that aims to provide experiences gained from production grade consultancies by Kloia consultants. The attendees are required to bring their laptops and to have at least basic knowledge with Linux command line. It is not required but suggested to have Docker Training to have a good knowledge of containerization technology basics.


This is a hands-on workshop where attendees are given targets to achieve and trainers are one-2-one helping them to achieve those targets. There will be less presentation and more hands-on labs!


What the attendee will learn:


Attendees will learn the basics, use-cases and the architecture of Kubernetes.

  • Understand Kubernetes basics and working with containers

  • Orchestrate production grade Kubernetes clusters

  • Pods, Services, Deployments, Secrets, Cronjobs, and more…

  • Successful microservice architecture with Kubernetes

  • Monitoring

  • Automatically Scalable Architecture

  • Able to deploy Kubernetes cluster to different cloud providers


Program Outline:


Day 1:

– ContainerizationTechnology History and Kubernetes Principles

– Development Environment Setup with Minikuber and Kubectl

– Kubernetes Definition File Quick Start

– Pods, Deployments, Services

– Real-Life Application with Go for Deployment

– Creating Deployments

– Managing Resources

– Exposing Services to Internet

– Rolling Updates

– Single / Multi Containers

– Pod Lifecycles / Healthchecks

– Volume Management


Day 2:

– Configuration and Secret Management

– ConfigMap Best Practices

– Environment Variables 

– Kubernetes Networking Basics

– Network Policies

– Horizontal Pod Auto Scaling

– Service Discovery

– Load Balancing


Target Audience

Software Developers, DevOps Engineers, Systems Admins, Infrastructure Engineers


Audience Requirements

Working laptop and basic Linux command line knowledge.


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